Miniature Theatre


Widow Twanky of the Wishy Washeteria Cleaning Company introduces the new Pantomime:
Aladdin and the 40 Bankers.

Since the 1980s I have been making and performing miniature theatre and developed working in miniature in therapy which led to my invention of the communicube and communiwell: see See also Psychodrama in Miniature, chapter 14 in Psychodrama, Advances in Theory and Practice, (2007) edited by Baim, C. Burmeister, J. & Maciel, M., Hove, Routledge. I also wrote about my use of miniature theatre in therapy in Drama, Psychotherapy and Psychosis, Dramatherapy and Psychodrama with people who hear voices, (2004) Hove, East Sussex, Brunner-Routledge.

My first miniature theatre piece was created in 1982:
The Tragical Demise of Lord John Britannicus Cranberry Smythe
which I still sometimes perform.

Two Seater

Working with the poet Philip Watts we have created two pieces for voices and miniature theatre: Two Seater, first performed for an invited audience on 13/3/15 and A Crack in the Universe, first performed later that year.
Philip introduces Two Seater thus:
“Two isolated people sit at their screens. Will they connect and how? The starting point for the piece was a couple of doll’s house chairs which I later discovered had been part of John’s therapeutic tool box and with which we toyed when the theatre was new. I was particularly taken by the effects achieved when each was alone on stage, which suggested two very different personalities and thus the plot began.”
I have written about my work with miniature objects in therapy in published books and papers.
Of A Crack in The Universe I would say in way of introduction that as well as exploring the technical possibilities of the theatre, the piece wonders whether it is only when we are stripped of all certainties that we can see what is really there: we need a crack in the Universe to open up for us.
Both these shows have been filmed and can be viewed here.

We are currently working on other new pieces which will be filmed when complete. The first to be completed and performed is Winter Warmer. It was developed with John Nolan and was created for my granddaughter, Rosa (aged 3). The last lines are:
“Now children and you older folk
This show’s not just a funny joke.
We may think we are so clever
But we cannot control or change the weather.”

Some years ago I created a miniature theatre with John Harris and we made an experimental piece titled:
The Cosmological Tales.
After performing it for small audiences both public and private we were able to film it at DooCot studios in Manchester. You can view the film here:

I will be posting more news and photos of my creations.